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A Little Health Problem

Posted By on Mar 27, 2011

It all began three days ago—it seems like eons have passed since—when I woke up with an odd feeling just below my right collarbone. Of course I immediately touched the spot. Nothing strange in that; it’s what we do when something unusual appears on our bodies. What I felt––and it was beyond my field of vision so I could only feel––was a smooth flat nodule that seemed to have formed almost precisely flush with my skin. Naturally I went...

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There’s a scene in Proust that has stayed with me—though I would not perhaps say I’ve been haunted by it; more like, it has lingered on in some cork-lined closet at the back of my head, an on-again, off-again oscillation of long duration. The scene is found in Time Regained, the last volume of In Search of Lost Time, and follows the narrator as he departs from one of the novel’s most famous set pieces: his visit to a brothel in...

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Musical Chairs, Part 2

Posted By on Mar 5, 2011

The rules: two songs from roughly the same era whose relationship says something suggestive about the time, the place. Here’s Louis Armstrong, Sweethearts on Parade, 1930, and Jimmy Rodgers, Gambling Barroom Blues,...

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