The Ecology of Bad Ideas: Tangential Thoughts on the Presidential Election

Posted By Peter Vilbig on Nov 3, 2012 in Politics, Uncategorized | 0 comments

1. In a looped system stupidity becomes endemic. This is because stupidity grooves more deeply. Rumor, falsity, the manipulations of operatives bevel thoughtfulness into their own edges. Media are looped systems that ablate the drag of nuance.

2. The good idea is not the truth, which is the name given to the defoliated province colonized by the holders of the bad idea. The good idea has no flags, waves no banners, and pays no bribes.

3. The relationship between self-seeking and stupidity involves an almost perfect self identity. Ideas nurtured in the medium of self-seeking arrive with a warm sense of welcome, land like the arrival of the new vintage. These ideas are the true celebrities in culture. Because they charm us endlessly, we forgive even their bad behavior. We poster our brains with their nude photos.

4. The bad ideas, the old failed bad ideas, recycled, thus are the new deities of the culture. History, remembrance, obligation, all etherize before the dissolving chemistry of the bad idea. The recycled tendentious apothem is endlessly repackageable, and the rich and natural fecundity of the idea field is endlessly plowed under by its single blade. In the harrowed field the peasants are left to pick at the leavings. This is the ecology of the bad idea.

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