Live Blogging the Super Bowl!

Posted By Peter Vilbig on Feb 6, 2011 in Culture | 0 comments

Fans getting crazy before the big game!

“Live blogging like nothing you’ve ever seen before, not even when you were a kid”™ — from the live blogging experts at

Posted 3:46 p.m. Sunday:

Hey everybody, I’m set up here in my easy chair, got my chips, my asparagus, my sunglasses, and all the rest of my gear, and I’m ready for the big one! How about you? Kick-off in 15 minutes. Don’t let’s miss it!

Posted 4:01 p.m. Sunday:

What excitement, what a crowd, what the … who is that old man who looks like he had a cosmetic surgery accident? (Oh, apparently he’s someone named Jerry Jones, and he’s very important. Shh, he seems to be taking a call from the President.)

Posted 4:02 p.m. Sunday:

And here’s the kick-off. What a boomer! Wow. It went right over the end zone into the stands. Gee, I hope that fan is alright. Who knew that a football could go beyond the third lace in someone’s mouth?

Posted 4:12 p.m. Sunday:

This looks like it’s going to be a brutal contest. My only question is: why are the players tackling with their heads? I thought that was soccer.

Posted 4:17 p.m. Sunday:

Did you see that commercial? Did you see it? I mean really see it? In the Zen sense.

Posted 4:37 p.m. Sunday:

The quarterback for the team with the yellow and black uniforms–what a brute!

Posted 4:40 p.m. Sunday:

Oh my. I mean back in high school the coaches used to say if you get your head knocked off, pick it up, put it back on and keep playing. But never in my life did I expect to actually see that happen in an NFL game.

Posted 4:51 p.m. Sunday:

I’m not sure but the score seems to be… Wait a minute. I’m going to check on the Internet to see if I can figure out the score. Back in a sec.

Posted 5:01 p.m. Sunday:

That last commercial seemed to be suggesting that some very unethical behavior is no problemo at all. Did you get that feeling too? But then again, you could say the same thing about most of the commercials, so maybe it’s no big deal.

Posted 5:12 p.m. Sunday:

Halftime everybody! I think I know this band from the 60s. I’ve always wondered what happened to them. Not that I’m old enough to have been around in the 60s.

Posted: 6:14 p.m. Sunday:

Sorry, guys, for the gap. I got to reading a really great section of Wittgenstein’s Tractatus Logico-Philosophicus and the time got away from me. I’m speaking particularly about that brilliant section in which he states what seems obvious at first: “We must not say, ‘The complex sign `aRb’ says `a stands in relation R to b’; but we must say, ‘That `a’ stands in a certain relation to `b’ says that aRb.’” But of course it’s not quite as obvious as at first glance, now is it?

Posted: 6:20 p.m. Sunday

One of the teams has apparently won.

Posted: 6:22 p.m. Sunday:

Oh boy, this is really embarrassing! It turns out I was watching Channel 12, Brooklyn’s local news station, and they were re-running a high school football game between Lincoln and Brooklyn Tech from the early 90s. (That explains the grainy video quality.) But I’ve got great news for you, readers! The actual Super Bowl, per se, begins in 10 minutes. We haven’t missed anything! Thank goodness. As they say in football, and other sports, no harm, no foul.

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